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Sts. Michael and Gabriel the Archangel SOLC
Perth, Western Australia

Tess McNamara, Seminarian, Chaplain-in-Training


  • 1. B.A. Womens Studies , Double Major in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology 1991 Murdoch University Western Australia
  • 2. Bachelor of Family Studies Degree ( Social Work Stream 3 years out of fours years equivalency to the four year Bachelor of Social Work Degree) 1999 Curtin University Western Australia
  • 3. Current Student University of western Australia,part time .
  • 4. Dealing with Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse S.A.R.C (Perth) course.1997 Perth. Certificate of attendance, 3 day course for Professionals..
  • 5. Dealing with Difficult People -attended course run by Michael and Lesley Tunnecliffe and Assoc 1997.Perth.
  • 6. Dealing with Traumatised Children Dr Michael and Lesley Tunnecliffe and Assoc.1997.Perth.
  • 7. Professional Critical Incident Debriefing Course, Dr Michael and Lesley Tunnecliffe and Assoc 1997.
  • 8.Peer Support Course ( for health workers and those in emergency services etc), Dr Michael and Lesley Tunnecliffe and Assoc. 1997.
  • 9. Senior First Aid certificate June 2006.
Yours sincerely,
Tess McNamara

Perth, Western Australia
St Gabrielle and Michael The Archangels, Balga.
(Parish currently needing to be registered and follow through with all relevant Federal Governement registration needs, this will take several years to achieve due to the complexity ).


  • Radical Itinerant Ministry:
    My life dedication is to serve the poor, the sick, those in need, those in nursing homes and hospitals and those whom are dying, unconditionally, and to Minister to the Gay and Lesbian Community in Australia in a gentle non-judgemental manner.
  • Intentions:
    To study degrees in Theology and Pastoral Chaplaincy qualifications over the next 5 years with Notra Dame or other university.
  • I am a happily married woman with five children. One is an Angel in heaven who died from Brain Tumours.
  • I have a son whom is gay and understand the difficulties of families trying to adjust to such factors.
  • I also understand families with difficulties and children with serious or terminal conditions.

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