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List of Clergy

Below is a list of each clergy member presently serving with Spirit of Life, along with his or her geographical location. Please click on his or her name in order to go to his or her parish homepage, or on the "E-mail" link in order to send an E-mail.

  • Bishop +Dana E. Lakin: St. Edward the Confessor SOLC, Dayton, Ohio    E-mail
  • Deacon Rodney Smith: St. Edward the Confessor SOLC, Dayton, Ohio
  • Fr. James Koshu Alonzo: Itinerant, Buffalo, New York    E-mail
  • Deacon Matthew Sizemore: St. Gabriel the Archangel SOLC, McMechen, West Virgina    E-mail
  • Seminarian Tess McNamara: Chaplain-in-Training, Sts. Michael and Gabriel SOLC, Perth, Western Australia    E-mail

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